Magick & the Occult

Magick is the art or science of causing change in conformity with one's will- Aleister Crowley

As the title suggests, this site has to do with my personal journeying and experimenting into Magick & the Occult. Magick & the Occult are both regarded by many as things to fear, superstition by others, devil worship by others... Magick does not necessarily have to be any of those and certainly not at all superstition... Magick is (a) reality... my only response as to how I could possibly know something of the sort to be true: Firsthand experience

Khundalini & Chakras

Khundalini: The evolutionary energy within us all... the description of the force (from Star Wars) is almost the exact same thing as this. In Christianity, Khundalini is often viewed as the force of God or the Holy Spirit. It is obvious that many Biblical writers had experiences simulated by Khundalini Flow & Movement.

Chakra: A Psychic Center in your body. In the Physical Body there are 7 Main Chakras in addition to many minor Chakras. Altogether, there are probably a total of hundreds of Chakras in the Physical Body Alone. It should be noted that every person has at least 7 bodies, if not more than that.

Ritual Magick

As defined by Tool: Ritual Magick is a system of exercises and disciplines aimed at activating parts of the mind normally never used (about 85%)

As defined by myself: Ritual Magick is the practice of certain techniques, mental discipline & exercises in order to re-awaken your lost senses & forms of perception, through this obtaining a better understanding of yourself.

Magickal Technique

one of the most ignored, yet fundamentally important aspects of Magick... many people who are newly attracted to the crafts of Magick are self-taught and find themselves utterly because they do not even know of the techniques contained within Meditation & Energy Channeling and often even simpler practices.


Detecting Your Aura





Good Sites relating to Magick & Occult

Library of Knowledge- For me this has been the most useful of all the Websites I have been to.

The Bonatus Occult Library- Lots of Magickal Texts & stuff available here, kind of annoying design though in my opinion... but then again its the context that matters

Cantrap- One of the better Wiccan sites I have seen... it's not full of stupid Silver Ravenwolf Wicca, but actual real Magickal Tecnhiques & experiences

Why Wiccans Suck - A site that is essentially a very educative and informative rant about 'Traditional Wicca' If I dare even use the term & about the 'Wiccans' who are just following Wicca because it is trendy to do so