Lost Senses

Most of us have heard or read things about people who have the ability to see distant places, or the ability of precognition, or the ability to hear things from distant places... these are what I call the Lost Senses.  Why do I call them Lost senses? Well, the reasoning is in actuality quite simple. You may or may not remember when you were a young child (perhaps about 3 or 4), but as children we all possessed the ability to see what are called 'auras', or psychic energy which was emanated from a person. However, as our lives continued we are taught (mainly due to the ignorance of society) to ignore these auras, and eventually we do so to the point where we 'lose' our ability to view auras. Perhaps when you were a child you would get a premonition of danger, or a bad feeling. At first we pay attention to these, however again as a result of an ignorant society we are taught to ignore these feelings & eventually we 'lose' this ability. Magick is one way of gaining these abilities back.

If anything I just said interest you significantly I suggest you look into it... I'll even throw in a source or two to help (wow, aren't I such a great person!!)

Ability My experiences with it/ whether or not I've gained it back
To see Auras: I have gained this back, and in fact it is probably the easiest ability to regain. In my experience I regained it through practicing Creative Visualization and through Chakra Meditation . In addition to this it should be noted that you can not see auras just by looking at someone due to the fact that our eyes have been damaged over the years by lights, tvs, computers, video games, etc. Therefore you have to use your peripheral vision
To Sense Energy I am starting to gain this ability back, this was once again awakened by Chakra Meditation & attempts at various lesser Magickal techniques (i.e. LBRP, certain Wiccan exercises to raise energy, astral projection, etc.). Of course since I haven't been too consistent with these, my aptitude (right word?) with this ability isn't very consistent either

Recommended sources for beginners and adepts


Magick For Beginners by J. H. Brennan

Khundalini & Chakras by Genevieve something or other...

Any website on auras (note: I suggest that you read at least 2 or 3 articles on this, as more than a few of the articles on this topic were/are written by well-intending misinformed people... hmm, sorta reminds you of devout Christians... scary thought).