A Chakra is a psychic center, or energy wheel in the human body. The Physical body alone is full of Chakras. Within The Physical Body, there are 7 major Chakras and many minor Chakras (located at spots such as fingertips, heels, palms, etc. It is through the use of these chakras and the channeling of energy through them that we can perform two things. The first is accessing our extra senses (such as Clairvoyance & Clairaudience & Telekinesis). The second is we can Channel energy through the process of ritual or magickal technique, reach a certain goal (i.e. there are many people who can heal others by channeling energy through certain chakras back).

Name Of Chakra Location in the Physical Body
Root Chakra Bottom of the Spinal Chord
Sex Chakra Approximately an inch above and behind the Genitals
Navel Right Below the Belly Button
Heart Chakra Center of the Chest
Throat Chakra Base of the Throat
Third Eye The Bridge In between your first two eyes
Crown Chakra Above the Center of your head

Please note I have specified Physical Body because as this page progresses and as I progress in my use of the Chakras I will begin to relate info of other bodies (such as Auric, Etheric, Astro-Mental, Intellectual, etc.)