Detecting & Manipulating Your Aura

Relax somewhat & try to become aware of your aura (if you are not clairvoyantly gifted at this moment in time, try to 'feel' a force surrounding your body & hands). You may stand, or you may sit in a comfortable position (I suggest back straight up). Place your hands together slowly until you feel a force between them. Note: If you do not feel something the first time, relax, take a deep breath & try again, at the most this should probably only take 3 or 4 tries. Also, the more you do this, the more familiar your body becomes with it, the more naturally it will come to you.

From here you may determine which hand pulls & which pushes. To do this, feel your hands pushing apart & see which one naturally pushes better, then feel them pulling together, see which one naturally pulls better. Note: the two functions should be opposite hands.