On your journey to this Utopia, which does not exist save for in your and my minds, I ask you please be alert & pay attention to details and visit any sites I suggest you visit. Additionally, I ask that if you see any starving children around you (which you will because this is only the journey to Utopia & not the actual Utopia yet), please feed them the disinformation and knowledge you find. Oh and one last note: keep an open third eye at all times.

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A Warning From the Sky...

Some say the end is near, Some say we'll see Armageddon soon...

The(Futile?) Search for a Cure


Suggested List of sites for the Politically Imprisoned slaves of Tyranny to enjoy

Sleep Forever.net-This site is back up and rather interesting.

Propaganda Matrix- this is my main source for news about government propaganda

Prison Planet- Another useful source for news.

Beyond Weird- This is apparently a porn site now... it once was a collection of E-books on stuff like einstein (it had his whole theory of relativity & i cant find that anywhere else!!!) crowley, astral projection, how to survive a nuclear war, ufo's etc. despite that it is now a porn site, I am leaveing this link up as a tribute

How Stuff Works- This website contains many well (and some poorly) written articles about how stuff such as computers, technology, Politics, etc. works

The Library of Knowledge- Great, Great site dealing with Magick

Why Wiccans Suck- It's not Wicca I have a problem with, it's the Wiccans

Hackers.com - An ethical Hacking page that serves as a good starting point for anyone interested in Hacking.

Religious Tolerance.org - Includes information on a very large amount of religions and Walks of life, extremely diverse and covers both mono and polytheism

The CIA- The official site of the United States Central Intelligence Agency

NASA- The National Aeronautics & Space Assosciation's webpage, Amazingly enough, this website is immensely prone to false physics...

Fuck retro-anything, Fuck your tattoos, Fuck all you junkies and Fuck your short memories...-Tool

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