A Warning From The Sky

Those who are willing to sacrifice essential liberties and freedoms for a little bit of safety deserve neither freedom nor safety- Ben Franklin

The above quote, spoken by one of the most important figures in America's is a lesson that the average American Would do very well to learn. For the last 60 years of its history, America has become less and less a republic that valued freedom and individual rights, and is becoming more and more a Global Empire & imperialistic power. As one friend of mine put it we are firing missiles as the sun is rising in Iraq, isn't it pretty? This sarcastic comment as well as Iced Earth lyrics are exactly what prompted my title for this page, and indeed this is a warning - whether it be from the sky, God, our common sense, or any other source. We have now made the mistake that many other Republics have made throughout history. We have crossed the final border.

Now you might ask, well why haven't we done something to stop this assault on our Civil Rights by this Tyrant who was never even elected President of the United States. I ask you in response: Why did the peoples of Rome do nothing as they watched their beloved city burned to a crisp by the corrupt, power-hungry emperor Nero, I ask you Why did the peoples of Rome again do nothing as they watched Julius Caesar cross the Rubicon and invade Rome destroying their crumbling republic, Finally, I ask you Why did the German Peoples who lived during the time of World War II do nothing to stop Hitler despite that they all knew that he was killing millions upon millions of people?

There are many responses to these questions, however they all lie within a few basic concepts, the first being that it is Human Nature to want to rule others or be in control, the second being that it is Human Nature to not want to rule ourselves, the third being that History repeats itself.

I could sit here and bring up countless examples upon example of clear patterns, which present themselves throughout history starting from the forming of the Ancient Celtic tribe to the world present day. However that would take up much unreasonable space and would serve little purpose. I could bring up countless examples of only the previous Century, yet again this would serve little purpose. If you truly wish to be shown how much history repeats itself, all you need to do is merely pick up a History textbook and read about the various wars and why they were started.

The fact of the matter is that the reasons war occurs can always be broken into a few simple concepts - just like how we broke History's repetition into a few simple concepts. The first is that there is always a state in which a few people are in control of a group very often exponentially larger in quantity, the second is the Human Nature to want to rule others, the third is the Human Nature to want to be protected and kept safe by others no matter what the cost, the fourth is always somebody's (whether this is a political party or an individual) lust for power, and the fifth, a key factor in every war is somebody's lust for money.

Now that we have covered History's repetition of itself and the basic reasons for wars I would like to point out the consequences of War. While thinking of this, a question my brother asked me comes to mind Who do you think is going to win this war? My response was a strong In war: there are no victors, ever And the above is true, no matter what walk of life you come from whether you are Christian, or Muslim, or Buddhist, or Wiccan, Hindu, Animist, Protestant, Atheist, or a member of any other religion; no matter whether you are rich, poor, or from the middle class; no matter whether you are highly Intelligent, highly unintelligent, or in between, the consequences are always the same. In this upcoming war, just as in all wars which have preceded this, you will watch as you lose friends and loved ones forever, as the nation, which you once loved falls to shambles because it is so bent on destruction it does not take the time to look at itself and realize the damage it is causing itself, you will watch as huge communities of Arabs & Muslims are slaughtered, you may very well watch as huge communities of Americans are slaughtered, you will watch the destruction of our Mother Earth as she is mutated through radiation and soaked and bathed in blood & dead bodies and excrement, you may even watch major Global disasters occur, which may not have occurred for many thousands of years - had it not been for this war. No matter what you see specifically, overall we shall all witness the same thing, and that same thing is the destruction and mutation of all that we consider good, sacred or holy to ourselves.

I ask that you all bear this in mind as we walk into this mass suicide attempt, I also ask that you bear in mind (if you're an adult) that you're children shall have to face up to this and bear the pain of this & the shame that follows and will be sacked with even heavier taxes and worse living conditions than you have. I ask you to bear in mind that we are slowly, but surely approaching a state very similar to the Nazi-Germany state during World War II. I ask you to bear in mind that the entire world will soon be tearing out each others throats, and I wish you finally to bear in mind that the reason for this is because of a few rich, corrupt (bourgeoisie if I may use the word), politicians who care only for their money & their wealth, and that we are truly going to war to serve their interests. Finally, please ask yourselves if the price of your spouses life or your best friends life, or your relative's life or even your life is truly worth these greedy, snake-like, politicians money and wealth.