Hi there, it's been quite a while since I've updated or done anything with this site, but as usual I've now brought on some major changes. First on the list is a reorganization of some content... nothing too major, next is a slight addition to the computers section. Next on the list is some links thrown onto the main page and finally, the biggest change, I have arranged the site so that links from the main page are viewed in pop-up windows. I have done this with the intention of convenience, so hopefully it will be convenient. That's all for now.


Well, hullo there Just a quick update because I want to get back to the actual content and not so much the babbling. I have added a page about Sadism & Masochism to the Philosopichal section (it has no sexual references of any sort :) ) In addition I am going to add sections about AD/HD, Bipolar Manic Depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Ok thats it, see ya later.


Hi, um I've kinda taken a break from the webpage for a bit, initially due to just wanting to relax and not work for a while and then later on due to the triggering of depression, which at this point has been lasting for at least a week, and i think it might be in the process of going away, but I really can't tell for sure and I'm honestly rather sick of it in general... despite that in some ways I do enjoy depression as I am able to look at it from a different perspective than most and i am a masochist, I have become extremely sickened of it... anyway, on to the webpage, I have no idea when I'm gonna write the page on individualism, hopefully sometime soon, I can't guarantee anything though. Additionally, I plan to add in a psychology section and the first two pages I'm writing for it are going to deal with 'Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder' and with 'Bipolar Manic Depression', so if anybody knows anything about either of these and would like to contribute some information it would be more than appreciated. Chances are I'm going to write something up about depression as well because I feel it would be rather ironic to be stopped from making progress with my website so often as a direct result of depression and not at the very least try to discover what the cause of depression (or at least my cause) is. Anyway, I'm gonna go now... have fun viewing


approximately 22 hours later (read the one below this first): yay! I've found my disc, I left it in one of my classes, so happy I got it back.. anyway, so much going on... i've done quite a bit of experimenting with the webpage and only slightly less addition of content than experimentation. The newest features to the Websites are: Link Descriptions and Information that show up in the status bar (at the very bottom of your web browser) when you place the mouse over the link.. Next is an addition to the rants part of the website, which may now be considered back up, You'll just have to check it out for yourself to see what it is (hint: place your mouse over the link and you'll find out)... anyway, that's about all for now... Over and Out...

Hi, all... not much new with the website itself, I realize I should have put the last post in the Mike's life section, but this was one of the first pages I got back after losing my disk, so it went here. Anyway, I'm working hard to try to change some of the links here to buttons as opposed to regular text (these buttons will actually change color and do stuff when you put the mouse over them0 the problem here is that I've got a lot of work to do, and life doesn't seem overly-fond of me at the moment, plus Microsoft Front Page sucks (duh! its Microsoft!), so yeah... any year now when I actually get to learning Java like I'm supposed to do and get to my 1 million other responsibilites... Sincerely: a not too happy Mike


Wow, really could be doing a lot better right now... My day/recent couple of days haven't even been all that bad its just... damn, I lost my disk... I'm sure someone who reads this is gonna go why the hell is this kid getting depressed over losing a floppy disk. My answer is that the disk had the entire webpage on it as well as more and has been my work for well over a year and a half now... so yeah, that really sux, hopefully I'll find it... if not, at least I've got one thing to look forward to: Hannah's back in 2 days... is all for now, Good Bye


Hello all, For those who come here every so often you've probably noticed some major changes. That being said I am editing all of my pages and converting them from HTML to XHTML because HTML is more or less outdated at this point and is quite slowly dying so I figure I may as well upgrade sooner than later. Additionally I am editing the content and wording of many pages because the old pages either had a bunch of stuff that I saw no reason to keep up or that was just annoying me


Ahhhh, it seems once again my updates are being extremely inconistent, then again considering all the stuff I've been doing lately that doesn't surprise me too much anyway. Anyway, I've finally gotten started with posting up the Computer Programming pages, although these might take a while as a- I'm not sure how to post HTML tags w/out the browser reading it as HTML and b- I'm trying to tackle quite a bit of them. In addition, I'm trying to bring the SARS Page up to date and thats it for the moment... beyond all that, I've finally stopped using Microsoft Front Page and am now actually writing whatever additions I make myself... probably a good thing because Microsoft Front Page can make stuff screwy...


I've added a bunch of New Sections including a medical science section and a bio-terrorism and terrorism section, I also merged the Politics of ecstasy with the bio/terrorism page. There's probly a bit more too... oh, check out the Armageddon page, there's a kool link there.


Holy Shit!! It's only been 3 days since I updated this website... or started to try to update it... whatever. Anyway, a change of views on the Magick & Occult Page... its not goign to be 100% fully functional anytime soon, but im working on it...


I don't plan on doing much of anything else at all with the Ritual Magick and Occult page... its just not worth my time, for those who want to know, just ask me.


I've added what I feel is a very good essay concerning this currently pending war and all other wars, which have ever occurred in the history of the world. It's not too, too long and I feel its worth reading (granted I'm self-promoting here, I'm generally honest when I do so). You may access it here: A Warning From The Sky...