Terrorism, Bio Terrorism & where your hard-earned money is truly going

In many cases, it's a sad sad world we live in today.  A good portion of the people viewing this most likely live in the United States of America, so this is written from an 'American's' perspective, with the intended audience to be 'American'. That said 'America' has been dubbed the Home of the free & the land of the brave. But ask yourself how many people in 'America' are free or brave. As for brave, well there are a lot of us brave 'Americans', some pursue a rigorous, challenging education, some indulge in the thrills of crime, others serve in the military. All in all there seems to be a considerable amount of brave Americans. Now as for free Americans, I'm afraid that would have to be none, as a matter of fact, I shall give that a time frame - the entire history of the country. As sad as this is, most of us are unaware about it, but we have been losing privacy & civil 'rights' by the day. Just as unfortunate is that most of us are the inadvertent cause of this massive attack on our freedoms. You ask how is this possible? Well Americans pay taxes to their government & just like any other world government, in fact often more so than any other, The U.S.A. government is very corrupt. Sadly enough for a very long time now, the government has been using our money to fund wars, terrorist attacks, anthrax mailings, and to train terrorists. Think I'm wrong? hopefully this section shall show you otherwise

The Anthrax Scare & How The Al-Qaeda had nothing to do with it

The Opium Trade In Afghanistan

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Note: the reason for American appearing as 'American' is because the continents known as North & South America technically all hold Americans, thus saying the word American in reference to an inhabitant of the United States is technically incorrect. Also, for easiness' sake, I am starting with present-day America & working backwards.