The Opium Trade in Afghanistan

Sadly enough, when Afghanistan is mentioned people (in the United States) smile triumphantly as if they are proud of what we have done. They will then feed out bull shit of how we've helped the people of Afghanistan so much (thats why they are trying to kill the dictator we installed there right?!) & how much food we've given 'em and crap like that. Unfortunately, what these people won't tell you (because this has been censored from them via U.S. Government propaganda) is that the Opium Trade in Afghanistan has gone up by insane amounts since we threw the Taliban out, they also will whole-heartedly deny that the U.S. Government is making money off of it.

Following a ban on production by the Taliban regime that reduced opium output to relatively insignificant amounts in 2001, Afghanistan produced 3,400 tons last year, reclaiming the title of the world’s largest producer

In Afghanistan from 1994-2000, opium sales brought in about $150 million per year – or $750 per family involved in its production. By 2002, gross income had risen to $1.2 billion – or $6,500 per family, the report says. - taken from:

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