Warning : the following site is not at all intended for the average person. In my perspective, the average person is a poorly educated (usually their own fault), ignorant, obnoxious, disgusting pathetic individual (If I dare even use such a term while describing the Generic) who blindly follows and is unable to think for themself or display any sort of intelligence by even the most remote and accepting of standards. While I realize this may come off as quite arrogant on my part, I bid you bear in mind that I have my reasons for these opinions and there is always an antidote of truth contained within the venomous lies of a snake. Not to necessarily say that I am snake-like or anything of the sort. In fact I believe quite the opposite to be true, however you are certainly entitled to your own opinion(s). Then again, maybe you don't have any opinions, maybe you do. Maybe you don't know me, Perhaps I don't even know you or have the vaguest idea of who you are or what you stand for. But as you now read this inscription and are welcomed here, I bid you ask yourself: Does it really matter if we know or like each other? My response would be no it is only the information exchanged within this transaction and our common goal of greater achievement within life or death that matters, the rest is all just an imagined dream world to accompany this greater achievement and enlightening process - A reprieve if you will for when our souls tire of being taught. Now that I've given you my response, tell me: What's yours?

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They're trying to Build A Prison

Independence, Liberty!!

Freedom - a choice is made for you my friend.

Freedom - of speech & words that they will ban.

Freedom - with their exception!!

-Metallica: Eye of the Beholder

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