The Ritual Process

The first part of every ceremony is the banishing; the second the invoking.-Aleister Crowley

These are the basics steps which are contained in more or less any ritual.

(note: many of the more formal rituals are more complicated than this, but for now these will do)

1- Imaging

2- Building

3- Firing

Imaging: In order for one to achieve something magickly, one must know what it is s/he wishes to achieve. In essence, one must have an image of what it is they are trying to achieve. This must be as clear and vivid as possible, or else the magick may have undesired side-effects or in the very worst of cases may even back fire on the caster & have negative effects towards him/her.

Building: once you have an image of what it is you wish to achieve, you basically 'build' it up with emotion & thought forms, sometimes you may have to use invocation of certain entities/deities during this step.

Firing: perhaps the hardest part of the Ritual (In my opinion). once you hath completed the first two steps, you basically let go of the emotions and thought forms you created & (IMPORTANT) you must believe that your goal/purpose has already been achieved, if it helps, you may say something like it is done or so mote it be, but I stress again order to achieve results, you must believe your purpose has already taken effect

(side note/warning: Just because you do not immediately notice the results from a ritual DOES NOT mean nothing has happened. Usually there is a delay between the completion of a ritual & the perceivable results. One explanation for this delay is that it gives us time to reflect/meditate on what it is we've done & the forces we've set into place and better prepares us to deal with them. Also, if for any reason a ritual does not reach its desired effect(s), there will almost always be side effects present (even when it does, there may be side effects), prior to carrying out a ritual one should take into consideration the possible side effects or results of that ritual).