Have you ever wanted to fly, Have you ever wanted to die? Don't Every try to fly, Don't Ever try to die- System Of A Down

It's a growing fact, that in the United States, Drug offenders do more time than child molesters, rapists and murderers, is this justice? is this the American way?- Nevermore

You were so caught up in trying to Get it, That you didn't notice It right in front of you holding your hand, as it neared its Initial And Last embrace before it Became just a shard of a vague memory in the back of your head.- Me

Push Away all your Anger your Hate the Suffering you've Experienced, your confusion... Mentally question your self there You shall find the Reasons of your Inner-Turmoil & the Solutions to it as well- Me

People Screw up not because they meant to, but because they were in what was for them the wrong place and the wrong time, they should be forgiven unless they make it a point. Then they should be Corrected, Vulgarly if Necessary, Yet Corrected Nonetheless- Me

Knowledge truly is power. I mean look at our world today, all of its problems are the spawn of ignorance and stereotypes, see what knowledge, or lack thereof, truly can do?- Me

I'm trying to make stuff work right now (doin' good) I just wonder when's it all gonna come crashing down on me?- Me

Life is really just a repeated process of learning something only to destroy & learn the complete opposite of what you had known- Me

You just can't win, You just can't win, The things you own: Own you- Papa Roach

I smile because through all the patience & suffering and being outcaste that I have experienced, I have finally Won- Me

Stupid people do stupid things, Smart people outsmart each other- System Of A Down

Take Your Time and look around, Is This Utopia you've found?- Dream Theater

No I'm Not all Me!! so please excuse me, While I tend to how I feel- Metallica

Pure Ambition Burns in me, It's a Beast never to be tamed- Iced Earth

Look at the Pain around me, This is What I Cry for, Look at the Pain around me, This is What I'll Die for- Iced Earth

Sick Of All of this suffering & we just carry on, Is it a time we care to lose our hate & understand our fears?- Dream Theater

Beliefs are dangerous, Beliefs allow the mind to stop functioning, a non-functioning mind is clinically dead, believe in nothing- Tool

I don't believe in blind loyalty, that's mob mentality, I'll answer to what's right for me & not your call to arms!!- Sick Of It All

When I say fuck your god, I mean fuck your god- Maynard James Keenan

You never realize how much you are alive, until you aren't- Me

As I Walk through the blackened forest, thoughts of Hate Anger Fill my Soul-Iced Earth

This world is spinning around me, This whole world is spinning without me. Every second Future and Past, Every Breath brings me one less to my last- Dream Theater