This page is in progress... I don't yet remember how to do all the background and color codes off of the top of my head, so for now I'm saving this as a simple black and white document.

Anyway, here is your basic skin and bones layout of an HTML page:

1. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//w3c/DTD HTML 4.0 Final//EN">

2. <html>

3. <head>

4. <title> BASIC HTML DOCUMENT </title>

5. </head>

6. <body bgcolor="#000000" text="#00FF00">

7. this is a basic html document

8. </body>

9. </html>


Line one is the DOCTYPE Declaration. It's something the browser needs to see so it knows how to process your code

The <html> </html> tags contain all the rest of the source code within them. Essentially they say 'the webpage starts here and ends here'.

The <head> </head> is where you put in the title w/ <title> </title>. Note the title can only be included in the head.

The <body> </body> is the rest of the document and where the majority of your code will be written.

Some Additional HTML Tags and their functions

<img src="my_image.gif"> This Tag inserts an image into the webpage. Put the full path of the image in the quotes.
<a href=">My Site</a> Creates a hyperlink just like the one you probably clicked on to get to this page. Put the web address in the quotes and put the text that you want to appear on your website between the two tags as shown.