What is hacking?

I personally find it rather hard to give one solid definition for hacking, however if forced to my response would be: Hacking is the use of programming and other computer techniques in order to discover security holes and design flaws within a system, program or application. Unfortunately there are a great many people who feel that Hacking is breaking into somebody elses computer and causing havoc, or defacing a website. This IS Not what hacking is about. Hacking is about the knowledge and love of computers: If you are one of the deluded people who think that hacking is about screwing somebody's computer up for no reason then I suggest you think again & read this: Hacking is not the Hit of a button

if after reading the above you are still interested in hacking, I suggest checking out whatever sites I have listed below, I also suggest you check out the link right above this That should be just enough to get you started out.

I plan to design my own war game and place it here for all to try their skills against at some point in the future. For all those of you who have no idea what a war game is, a war game is a fun, safe, legal game where hackers and security enthusiasts/experts can test out their abilities and try to 'hack' through certain challenges designed by whoever made the game. I'll list some below for those interested.

Disclaimer: I am not at all held responsible for how you use the information contained within this section. Your actions and responsibilities are your own and I strongly suggest you take a look at the legality of say defacing a website and just what the possible consequences are...Happy Hacking

Also, If I am correct, which I may not be, as a result of the USA PATRIOT Act hacking (ie the illegal side of it) IS CONSIDERED A FORM OF TERRORISM, so that means if you hack enough and do illegal things you will eventually be caught and the penalties can be quite, quite harsh!

Sites of Worth:



War games

    Hackers.com Wargame

    Try 2 Hack Wargame