Sadism & Masochism

Note: This page will absolutely no contain any information on forms of perverse sexual play or random bits of erotocism that other people enjoy/participate in. I do not care for any of these and they have nothing to do with why I am writing this page.

That being said, perhaps I should move on to just why I am writing this page. My main incentive for writing this page lies in the acknowledgement that I am a Masochist at least psychologically. As for sexual masochism, I have no idea (and not much inclination to find out), I probably won't know for a really long time and I'm fine with that. Continuing on, I am writing this page because I am researching the non-sexual side of Sadism/Masochism with the intent of learning as much about the both of them as possible, thus obtaining a better understanding of my own condition.


Sadism: Pleasure derived from the inflicting of pain on others

Masochism: Pleasure derived from acts of self-inflicted pain or punishment

SadoMasochism: the Act of deriving pleasure, generally, but not necesarily sexual, from simultaneous occurrence of Sadism & Masochism. SadoMasochism is often better known as S&M

*Note: definitions relating to sexual content have been left out as they are irrelevant to this page

Causes of Sadism and Masochism: As of right Now, I am not too knowledgable as to the general causes of either condition. It appears that they are conditions, which like most others begin in childhood. In some cases they can be recognized when the person is younger. The first memory of any sort of masochistic memory/thought/philosophy I have is from either second or third grade during the summer. I remember being outside and trying to figure out why I liked the summer so much, it then occurred to me that the reason was because I would spend hours out in the sun suffering.

Interestingly enough I would attribute this to being exposed to a certain philosophy on how to deal with pain when I was younger. The point of it being that instead of going "ow, this hurts!" and instead of trying to ignore it, acknowledge it as just another signal from the brain that is entirely natural (with enough mental discipline that can actually work). This would continue on and combined with various other factors such as just being different from everyone else, being picked on a lot, being the smartest kid in most of my classes (subitting myself to the will of others by allowing them to copy my work, I stopped that after a while because it just got damned annoying), etc.

Of the positive and negative aspects of Masochism:

Yet to be written... will write up the Sadism part of the page soon as well