!Delirium Or Enlightenment?

Written 10/16/02

Recently I have experienced a change in my state of consciousness, which I wished to bring up... I'm sure some of the people who read this will be like what the fuck while others will ask me more about it. Um, basically I have 2 theories... the first being that all this stuff I've been doing so far with Chakras & Meditation & the such has started to take effect and i am slowly reaching a much higher state of consciousness... that would explain a lot... or my other theory is that due to my constant lack of sleep and lack of food, I have finally begun to reach a state of delirium. The choice is yours as to which to believe, personally I choose the first.

What is all this talk of Meditations and Chakras you ask? First of all you'll probably want to know what a Chakra is (I thought I explained this already... but hey)... A Chakra is a psychic center in our body, there are 7 major Chakras &; a bunch of minor ones... of the major chakras, the last two (the crown Chakra & the third eye) are the most important. as for the meditation part, simple... um there is a certain meditation technique which has to do w/ the Chakras that I have been working with inconsistently for at least 2 months now.... and very gradually over that period ive noticed very 'small' changes in my perception, overall awareness and consciousness.

My first huge step was with the chakra meditation itself when I felt the predesignated areas where the Chakras supposedly were begin to warm up & kinda tingle a bit during the meditation... that meant I was doing something right. Next, I regained my ability to see auras... i noticed this somewhat haphazardly as well. I first observed this during my English class, we had a substitute teacher & anyway, this kid was sitting in front of me (note: his name is of no importance so I did not include it), and I was just kinda staring off past him... anyway, asfter a really short amt. of time, I noticed a 'fixed' pure white line outlining his entire body... from there I experimented with this ability to the point where now I kan view auras with some ease, although not altogether without effort. Anyway, from there my other abilities have been slowly starting to awaken & my theory is that these other states of consciousness are merely perceptions from my other abilities... if you wish to know more or debate or something email me...

Blessed Be & I hope u liked