Is it good to be innocent?.... I think not, for if one is innocent, then they have never had an experience that has changed them self & consequently have remained the same since they were born, which basically means they took a life & did nothing with it, which means they wasted life...which means they're not innocent... oops: just think about it

Does Reality Really Exist?.... No, this thing which we consider to be reality is merely the physical world as we perceive it with our 5 senses. however seeing as teh physical world is different from the spiritual (Astral) world then neither can be real because in order for one to be real, the other would have to agree & they obviously are not the same thing... so reality is basically just a microcosm inside a greater picture

Luck & Coincidence don't really exist, because anything anybody does has certain factors that no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, can & will affect other factors which in turn will do the same & so on, because of this, everything that happens has some type of a reason, purpose, or was meant to happen, and therefore coincidence doesn't really exist, yet is merely a lack of observation on your own part.

People should be able to follow/believe in/practice any religion which they choose under the sole circumstance that they are at least tolerant and accepting towards other peoples religious views and or beliefs. I mean how many problems do you think we'd get rid of if people could just do that (I'd say a lot).

I have no use for a life, I mean think about it, If I had a life it would take away from my free time, my personal interests, my desires, and other things. Whereas now, I don't have a life, I am free to do many things I wish, while restricted somewhat by higher authorities, I can hang out with friends, I can talk online, I can research stuff, I can listen to music & outside of doing chores, and having a lot of stress from whatever problems I have, I virtually have to do nothing to earn this except be myself.

Stereotypes are bull shit and that no matter what your first impression of a person is, based on how they act or dress, you should be open-minded towards them and let them have a chance to express themselves and then decide whether or not you wish to associate yourself with them or not. I mean, maybe it's just me, but if people followed that, wouldn't there be just a little less problems to deal with in life?

Does Wisdom have to come at the cost of Suffering?... No, however if one does not experience wisdom at the cost of suffering, one is less wise than another who has. on the same token, if one only experiences wisdom through suffering, then they are less wise then one who has not

Everyone blames the Media for why the world is a 'fucked up' place, everybody blames the Government, everybody blames the Movie Producers. People need to look at it in perspective, where does the media get its ideas from? The People, Where does the Government get its ideas from & Who does it Govern? The People, Where do Movie Writers and Producers get their ideas from? The People. Therefore, it evidently is not any of those three that are causing our world to be a 'fucked up' place. The answer really is much simpler than that, its called Culture

The harder you look for anything, the more It will move away from you separating itself from yourself, it is only through an ending of your desire towards the object that yourself & itself shall become one

It is my belief that Jesus Christ was not Jewish, but that he was a radical and an occultist who saw the main message behind Judaism & tried to get it across to people... unfortunately he hasn't been to successful